Biana Kovic

"Biana has the unique ability to guide through challenges, while leading teams of managers towards productive operations."

- Steven D'Ambrosio, SHRM-CP

Recruitment Manager at Acacia Network


Biana is a high performing collaborative leader with diverse background and broad expertise who has a proven track record in managing projects, programs, partnerships and teams; and fueling growth and innovation by identifying organization's long term impact and short term goals for the staff and boards while maintaining organization's integrity, quality and performance. To visit Biana's LinkedIn page please click HERE.

Biana's Business Areas of Expertise:

Executive Level Leadership | Business Strategist

Building Partnership & Branding


Strategic Planning

Board Development & Communication

Hiring, Evaluating & Training Staff

Fiscal Management & Budgeting

Program Performance Evaluation

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

International Relations

Biana's Music Areas of Expertise:




Biana's Film Areas of Expertise:

Screenplay Writing



Music Scoring


Biana's E-Radio Areas of Expertise:

Select and develop content

Book, manage & interview guests