Biana Kovic


"I love this film! This inspirational documentary challenges viewers to rethink ideas about age, learning, and discovering passion throughout life.... Ms. Kovic skillfully bring to light the importance of the following concepts that are so true for both,

learning and life: passion, process, practice, patience and praise.

- David Darling, Grammy Winning Cellist and Composer

Virtuoso Documentary Film

On March 1st 2006, an 89-year-old woman, Matty Kahn, volunteered for a Never2Late project, to begin learning to play the cello. Having no prior musical knowledge, she is bravely embarking on the path of musical training to rediscover the strong connection between life and music.

The documentary also features experts on aging, who discuss their views on staying healthy with musical training by improving cognitive / muscular function.

The two key elements presented in the film are: (1) It is never too late to learn; and, (2) enabling people to take control of their lives allows for healthy and meaningful longevity.

Virtuoso is a winner of the British Film Festival of Los Angeles and the South Africa Film Festival. It has been shown at the Sunshine Cinema, NY; Opera Plaza Cinemas, San Francisco, CA; Kendall Square Cinemas, Cambridge, MA; as well as numerous senior centers and film festivals such as, Waterford Film Festival, Ireland; Gloria Film Festival, Utah and the prestigious Woods Hole Film Festival, Wood Hole, MA.

Virtuoso is available on YouTube.

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