Biana Kovic

Leadership with Biana Kovic E - Radio Show features women leaders and their stories / thoughts on leadership and best leadership practices. The show airs LIVE on Mondays at 9pm EST on Armed Radio Global.

The Armed Radio Global network has around 10,000 followers who have diverse background, work experience, age, and education. The show is shared on Youtube, distributed through Spreaker and featured in Leadership with Biana Kovic Blog.

Some of the past/future guests include:

1.     Keiko Osaki - Tomita, PhD – Former Assistant Director and Chief of Demographics and Social Statistics Branch at the UN Headquarters, NYC.

2.     Sanyin Siang - LinkedIn 2017 Top Influencer Voices; ED, Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Ctr @Duke; CEO Coach; Advisor, Google Ventures, Launch

3.     Sramana Mitra - Founder and CEO of One Million by One Million

4.     Nina Dibner - Executive Director at PowerTools, LLC

5.     Lesley Jane Seymour - Founder of CoveyClub.com, Brand Re-inventor and Builder, Connector, Advocate, Sustainability Expert

6.     Kathryn R Martin - Leadership Transition Strategist, arts & culture Interim CEO, Executive Coach

7.     Stephenie Foster - Partner at Smash Strategies and a former Senior Advisor and Counselor to the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues - U.S. Department of State

8.     Susan McPherson - Founder and CEO at McPherson Strategies

9.     Donna Drake, Head of Drake Media Network and international award-winning television broadcast show producer and host of the CBS and NBC TV show, “Live It Up! With Donna Drake".

To ba a guest on the show, please email Biana at bianakovic@gmail.com.

"It was a great honor to be the very first guest on Biana's Radio show and talk about leadership. Her insightful questions and great rapport helped me reflect on my 30 years' journey at the United Nations, making the conversation relevant, dynamic and informative."

- Keiko Osaki - Tomita PhD, Professor of The School of International and Area Studies at Tokyo University, Japan and former Assistant Director and Chief of Demographics and Social Statistics Branch at the UN Headquarters, NYC.